Case Study: A New Beginning

Case Study:  A New Beginning

Rethinking Home Ownership Leaves Less to Worry About


Danni Robinson was a “50 something” soon-to-be divorcee. Because her husband had earned and managed a majority of their income while they were married, she wisely sought the help of an independent advisor in the form of Wealth Management Solutions. Beyond the financials of splitting the assets, she would need a plan for purchasing and furnishing a new residence, caring for their children, and the next chapter in her life. Danni also wasn’t sure if she could even afford to buy and take care of the maintenance of a new home.


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Case Study: The Widow Tax™

Case Study:  The Widow Tax™


John & Sarah Raymond were retiring this year. John worked as the lead architect at a mid-sized firm for much of his career, and Sarah was a librarian at the high school their children attended and graduated from when they were younger.


When we met with the Raymonds, our initial meeting progressed as many do with an introduction to our firm and our staff, a discussion of the Wealth Management Solutions Investment Philosophy, and a request for insight into John & Sarah’s goals for retirement. After talk of travel and more time with grandkids, John became silent and paused to reflect on a concern that weighed heavily on his mind.  Would Sarah be okay, financially, after he passed away?


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