CPAs: How We Work With You and Your Clients

Much of our business is referred by CPAs, as David has a strong tax background and managed wealth management services in a CPA firm in the Phoenix area. CPAs enjoy working with us because we understand their needs and can make their job easier by providing timely information and keeping them in the loop on tax related decisions their clients are considering.


In addition, we send an annual Retirement Plan Contributions piece that most CPAs find quite useful. (If you’re not on our mailing list, send us an email and we’ll be happy to send you as many laminated copies as you’d like. You can also download the piece from our site.)


CPAs: Data When You Need It

We answer questions promptly, and each year we deliver electronic gain/loss reports, 1099’s, k-1’s and other tax related info to you at the beginning of tax season. This means you don’t have to wait around for someone to get back to you to complete the return.


CPAs: Tax Projections (on our dime)

In summer and early fall we prepare tax projections for many of our clients. We send the projected income and expense data to you, and ask that you bill us directly for your time in helping accurately complete a projection.


CPAs: Team Work

Throughout the year, we also coordinate with you on any tax withholding questions, or changes in a client situation that will have significant tax consequences.


Many of your clients are paying much higher fees to other investment firms; firms that simply charge an ongoing fee to hold assets without providing planning and high quality service. When you see these situations, please consider suggesting that your client meet with us. They, and you, will experience a noticeable difference.


CPAs: Hourly Services

On occasion we come across situations where it makes sense to charge an hourly rate. Our hourly rates range from $120 - $250 an hour, depending on the credentials and experience of the advisor.